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Anointed and Sealed!

Jack Mooring (from the Christian band Leeland) shared this beautiful truth about the anointing in the April 19, 2009 edition of Today’s Pentecostal Evangel.

What changed us wasn’t just going to church. It wasn’t going to youth group. It was being in the altar and experiencing the anointing and the presence of God. We want to bring that to Christian music in a new way and have kids experience the Holy Spirit and not just experience songs or worship moments.

Lou Nicholes, missionary and author, shares this true story from his childhood about the necessity of being sealed.

I grew up on a farm and my mother used to make jam. I would watch her pour wax over the top of the preserves until it was at the brim of the jar. She would then carefully wipe some wax around the rim itself, and place the rubber lined lid on tight. The wax and the vacuum caused by the cooling preserves would seal that jar so tight that it could have sat on a basement shelf for years, and the jam would have been good when finally opened. Sealed, preserved, protected.

After listening to the message of truth – the good news of our salvation – and having believed, we were “sealed in Him (Christ) by the Holy Spirit of promise” (Ephesians 1:13). A seal of God’s ownership was placed over our lives and, unlike Pilate’s seal, no power in Heaven or on earth can break that seal. He shut us up tightly. We are set aside for His use, for His eternal fellowship.

Note: If you just put jam in the jar without sealing it, the outside air would get in and ruin the jam. By sealing the jar, you keep the outside from getting in and this way the food is preserved for the day of consumption. In the same way, by being sealed with the Holy Spirit, the outside cannot force its way in and ruin us. We are kept sealed, preserved and protected until the day of our redemption.

You and I have been Anointed and Sealed. In the Old Testament, three leaders were Anointed with the holy oil: prophets, priests and kings. Jesus came to be all three; both Messiah (Hebrew) and Christ (Greek) mean the “Anointed One”. You and I also have an anointing to serve as prophets, priests and kings. What a calling and what a privilege!

We have also been Sealed with the Holy Spirit. According to (What does it mean to be sealed with the Holy Spirit?), a seal is an identifying mark often placed on a letter, contract, or another document. It showed that what was in the letter came from the person whose seal was on the outside. In the ancient world, cattle and even slaves were branded with a seal to show whom they belonged. This mark would deter people from stealing them because they had the seal upon them. In the Scriptures, a seal demonstrates ownership, protection, and a validation of the relationship. The promised Holy Spirit identifies God’s people as His inheritance. The experience of the Holy Spirit in our lives is proof to us, and a demonstration to others, of the genuineness of our faith. The Holy Spirit provides us with the inward assurance that we belong to God as His children (cf, Galatians 4:6).


This Sunday, June 13, we will conclude our teaching series, “A Brand New You”, in the 10:35am worship service. This week’s powerful truth? You are Anointed and Sealed! Please don’t miss it!

If you are not able to join us in-person in the building at 10:35am for the worship service, please join us Online for the Live broadcast on Facebook (Search: Honolulu AG). The recording will also be uploaded later that day to our website ( and YouTube channel (Search: Honolulu Assembly of God).

Coming Up: Father’s Day on June 20 and our annual Freedom Celebration plus BBQ on July 4. Yum! (Note date change from last week’s letter.) The Hawaii District Honorbound Men’s Conference takes place July 9-10 at First Assembly of God (Red Hill).

Aloha and Aloha ke Akua!


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