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The Stranger at the Door

Christmas Day is just a few days away. May I share one of my favorite Christmas stories with you? It tells us why Jesus came to earth and is entitled, "Stranger at the Door".

It was a snowy Christmas Eve. Inside the warm house, the Christmas tree was cheerfully ablaze with lights and surrounded by dozens of presents.

The man’s wife and children were dressed and ready to leave for church. "Come with us," they urged, for they loved him.

“Not me,” he snapped. “I don’t believe all that religion garbage.”

For many years the man’s wife had been trying to tell him about Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers – how God's Son had become a human being in order to show us the way to heaven.

“Nonsense,” the man always said.

The family left for church and the man was all alone in his cozy country home. He glanced out the window at the cold snowy scene outside. He turned to warm himself by the fire.

But, as he turned, his eyes caught a movement in the snow outside. He looked. Cats! Three young cats were walking slowly past his window.

“The fools,” he thought. “They will freeze for sure!” The man put on his hat and coat and opened the door. A blast of wintery air sent a shiver through his body.

“Come here, cats! Come inside where there is warmth and food. You’ll die out there.” But the cats ran away, frightened by the stranger at the door.

He walked outside. “Come back! Don’t be afraid! I want to save you.”

But the cats were gone. It was too late.

“Well, I did everything I could for them,” the man muttered to himself. “What more could I do? I'd have to become a cat myself in order to reach them and save them. If I became a cat, I could tell them and show them. They would have to believe me then, unless they were fools.”

Just as he reached the door, the church bells rang in the distance. The man paused for a moment and listened. Then he went in by the fire, got down on his knees and wept.

Why did he weep? Because he realized that is exactly what God had done in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus humbled Himself and came to be one of us, to share the message of salvation in a way we could understand.


We will conclude our Christmas series from Isaiah 9:6 this Sunday, December 27, at 10:35am by declaring "His Name shall be called Prince of Peace!" you would like to get “caught up” with your year-end giving, be sure to give your offering by December 31: either in person, by mail or online at our secure website.

If you are not able to join us in person at 10:35am for worship, please join us online for the Live broadcast on either Facebook or our YouTube channel.

I am excited about this Sunday because of our ono-licious "After Christmas Potluck Lunch that will take place after the 10:35am service. Bring your favorite foods to add to the table and get ready for a fun time together!

Mele Kalikimaka and Aloha ke Akua!


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