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Ready to celebrate Freedom?

Many people have paid a great price to obtain their freedom. One was Sojourner Truth.

Isabella Baumfree (1797-1883) was born a slave and learned from her mother at a very young age about a God who heard her prayers. By the age of 13, she’d been sold twice and was alone, with no family. But she was also six feet tall and “strong as any man,” with a faith in God and an internal strength that would lead her to the calling God had for her.

In 1826, though she’d been promised freedom by slave owner John Dumont, and though the law in the State of New York, where she lived, would require she be freed the following year, Dumont wouldn’t let her go. So she packed her things, finished all of her work, picked up her baby and walked to freedom, leaving a young son behind.

She found safety in the home of a devout Quaker couple who taught her about the laws of the state, read to her from the Bible, and bought her freedom. With their help, she worked with attorneys to become the first Black woman to win a court case against a white man – Dumont, who had illegally sold her son.

In 1843, Isabella had a vision. God was calling her to travel and teach the truth about Jesus Christ and the freedom he died to give us. She called herself Sojourner Truth and set out on foot with only coins in her pocket to become a powerful orator, abolitionist, and advocate for women’s rights. Her towering presence, her singing voice, and her ability to preach stunned audiences and convicted many of sin. Even among abolitionists she advocated for reliance on God. After hearing a speech by abolitionist Frederick Douglass, advocating for slaves to “seize freedom,” she asked, “Is God gone?” She knew Jesus was the one who made her free.

During the Civil War, she encouraged African American men to fight for the Union, and after the War, she helped freed slaves to find jobs and build new lives. Abraham Lincoln knew of her work and welcomed her to the White House.

The force that … brought her into the authority of public advocacy was the power of the Holy Spirit. Her ability to call upon a supernatural power gave her a resource … that transformed her from Isabella, domestic servant, to Sojourner Truth,a hero for three centuries at least.” ~ Nell Painter (Story and quote from National Christian Foundation website)

You may not have experienced the anguish of physical slavery, but do you know the glorious joy of spiritual freedom? We can only know spiritual freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ, the True emancipator!


Join the “Celebration of Freedom” this Sunday at 10:35am. What a joy it is to honor our nation’s flag and all it represents. But, while we have much to be thankful for as Americans, our first allegiance is to Jesus Christ and we rejoice in the awesome freedom He has purchased for us. “He whom the Son sets free is free indeed” (John 8:36)!

The Freedom BBQ will take place right after the worship service. Ono-licious teri-burgers, hot dogs, and buns will be provided. Just bring your favorite picnic side dishes to add to the table: salads (mac, potato, fruit, etc), baked beans, sushi, chips, etc. And don’t forget the lettuce & tomato for the burgers. Broke da mouth! Please don’t miss it! Note: We will set up canopies in the parking lot so you won’t need to climb the stairs to the Fellowship Hall.

If you are not able to join us in-person in the building at 10:35am for the worship service, please join us Online for the Live broadcast on Facebook (Search: Honolulu AG). The recording will also be uploaded later that day to our website ( and YouTube channel (Search: Honolulu Assembly of God).

Some have expressed interest in being baptized in water. If you would like to join them in this essential step of obedience to Jesus, please let me know.

Men, the all-islands “360 Man Summit” of the Hawaii District Men’s Department will take place July 19-21 at First Assembly (Red Hill). Cost is $20 now or $30 at the door. Interested in attending? We had a powerful time last year.

Aloha ke Akua!


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