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Is your "face to the coal"?

Coal miner (Credit: Courtesy of Earl Dotter)

Author and pastor Donald McCullough shares this story in his book, "Waking from the American Dream".

During World War II, England needed to increase its production of coal. Winston Churchill called together labor leaders to enlist their support. At the end of his presentation, he asked them to picture in their minds a parade which he knew would be held in Piccadilly Circus after the war.

"First," he said, "would come the sailors who had kept the vital sea lanes open. Then would come the soldiers who had come home from Dunkirk and then gone on to defeat Rommel in Africa. Then would come the pilots who had driven the Luftwaffe from the sky.

"Last of all," he said, "would come a long line of sweat-stained, soot-streaked men in miner's caps. Someone would cry from the crowd, 'And where were you during the critical days of our struggle?' And from ten thousand throats would come the answer, 'We were deep in the earth with our faces to the coal.' "

Not all the jobs in a church are prominent and glamorous. But it is often the people with their "faces to the coal" who help the church accomplish its mission.

Is your "face to the coal"? Are you willing to do whatever is needed to minister to hurting people? To build up the Kingdom of God?

There was a dear saint that I met during the early days of my ministry. Pastor Loyal Miller would share many witty insights, including "Some people want to live in the limelight instead of the Son light."

May we always live in the Son light and not worry about the limelight. The church is a body and, in order to be healthy and function most effectively, every member has a job to do.

Will you teach a Bible class or help with Kids Church? Will you oversee the nursery or use your musical ability to accompany worship? Will you pick up others for church or call shut-ins and the elderly to give them a word of encouragement? Will you help clean the building before or after Sunday services? Do you enjoy posting the Good News of Jesus’ love and redemption on social media? Are you willing to pray for those in need?

What is God calling you to do? Is your "face to the coal"?


Update: We were able to have our first ever Live stream last Sunday. Mahalo nui loa (Fa’afetai tele lava) to Rich and Rona for setting their "faces to the coal" to make it happen. What a blessing!

If you are not able to join us in person or miss next Sunday’s Live broadcast on Facebook at 10:35am, the recording will be posted later that day at our Website and YouTube channel. Please share these online resources with others so they might also be inspired and encouraged.

Good news! Kids Church began last Sunday for children (4-10 years old) during the 10:35am service. Please invite kids to be part of it! Also, Sunday School with Bible Classes for all ages will begin again in September.

See you soon.

Mahalo and Aloha ke Akua!

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