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Pastor Bryan Ashpole

Greeting and Bible Study - August 5
What are you worth?

E Komo Mai!

Welcome to Honolulu Assembly of God

No Church Experience Required!

Honolulu Assembly of God is made up of all kinds of people from all walks of life. What connects us together in this wonderful ohana (family) isn’t our nationality, marital status, educational achievements, economic status, politics, fashion style, musical preferences, or favorite sports team. Our connection is found in our shared faith or interest in Jesus Christ.

When you worship with us, you will find people just like you as well as people very different from you. Some of us have been Christians for many years and some of us are just starting out on this exciting journey. Some of us are deeply convinced about our faith in Jesus while others of us would say we struggle with doubts. This is a safe place, no matter where you are in your journey with Jesus.

We are imperfect people desiring to know more about, and grow closer to,

a wonderful and perfect God. All are welcome to join us on the journey!

Everyone is Welcome because No One is Perfect but Anything is Possible.

Jesus makes Everything Possible!

Worship service 10:35am

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