Mom, you're the Best!

Thank God for Moms! Each one is totally amazing, a true super-woman. Hopefully, this describes your mom.

A mother appears to be a normal human being. She has all of the physical features that all people have—two eyes, two hands, two arms, two feet—all connected to one body.

That is what you see if you just look at the exterior of a mother.

However, if you were ever a child, you would know that she has at least three sets of eyes. She has two in front. She also has two behind her head so that she can see all those things she must see but are hidden from her. In addition, she has one on each side of her head so that she can protect the cookie jar at all times—no matter where she stands in the kitchen. All her eyes are capable of seeing through wood and plaster so she can tell what is going on behind closed doors.

She has bionic ears. She can hear a dirty word whispered a block away. She can hear a complaint that is only thought when she assigns unpleasant tasks to her children.

With her many arms and hands, she can prepare a meal, find Dad’s shirt, change a diaper, run the vacuum cleaner, and hug two children—all at the same time!

With strong, fast legs she can move about the house like a speeding bullet. She patrols the streets, stops a fight in the backyard, catches a tennis ball before it is flushed down the toilet, prevents a child from falling out of a tree in the front yard, and moves all toys out of the driveway before Dad comes home—all at the same time.

Her endless supply of energy can only be a God-given attribute. She is first to rise each morning, has breakfast ready for the family as they get up, gets each child ready for school, is both a barber and a beautician, fashion consultant, chairwoman, budget director, purchaser, paramedic, veterinarian, interpreter, travel agent, interior designer, and is the last to bed at night.

With a tender kiss, she can heal everything from a cut finger to a broken heart. With her kiss, she can convince a balding fifty-year-old man that he is just as handsome as he ever was.

Her ability to love is exceeded only by God’s love itself. Her love grows with each child and it is impossible to tell the success or failure of her children by her love. A child can fall to no depths that will diminish her love and a child can achieve no heights of success that will increase it. Her love is protective, tender, constant, understanding, forgiving, unchanging, unselfish, giving, contagious, comfortable and everlasting.

The nearest thing we can see in the world to God’s love is...a mother’s love. (Author unknown)

We usually think of the Fatherhood of God, but did you know He also compares Himself to a mother? In Isaiah 49:14, Jerusalem feels abandoned by God. “But Zion said, ‘The Lord has forsaken me, the Lord has forgotten me.’” What is God’s response (v15)? “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!” Take heart, dear one! The Lord has not forsaken you. He will never forget you!


This Sunday, May 9, is Mother’s Day and we will honor all the women in attendance with a special gift. Plus you will be encouraged by a message just for you from Shirley Ashpole. Please invite a Mom to enjoy it with you.

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Coming Up: Pentecost Sunday is May 23rd so get ready for a Celebration of Pentecost. We all need the dynamic, empowering, transforming, life-changing work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Please do not miss it.

Aloha and Aloha ke Akua!