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Do you know the answer?

Do you know the answer to life’s two most important questions? You can have lots of knowledge but if you can’t answer the right questions, you will be in trouble. Consider this humorous story.

There were four passengers on a plane: a kid, a pastor, a doctor, and the smartest man in the world.

Suddenly, the pilot came running to the back and yelled “The plane is going down and we only have 4 parachutes but 5 people.” With this, the pilot took a parachute and jumped out of the plane.

The doctor said, “I save lives every day and the world needs me”, and he also took a parachute and jumped out.”

The smartest man in the world declared, “My research might save millions. The world needs my brain. I can’t imagine what the world would be like without me”, and he also took a parachute and jumped.

The pastor and the kid looked at each other and the pastor said, “I’m old now and I’ve lived a long and enjoyable life. You take the last parachute.” To which the boy replied, “Don’t worry; there are still two parachutes left. The smartest man in the world just jumped out of the plane with my backpack!”

The “smartest main in the world” could not tell the difference between a parachute and a backpack and, as a result, he did not make the right decision. Jumping out of a plane with just a backpack is a foolish thing to do.

What about you? You need to be able to answer life’s two most important questions. The answers will determine life or death. What are the two questions? 1). Who is Jesus? 2).‚ What will you do with Him?

It does not matter how much knowledge you have, if you cannot correctly answer these two questions, you are in great trouble. Your answers will have a tremendous impact upon your life, both now and throughout eternity.

Too many will reply to the first question that Jesus was a good man, a great teacher, maybe even an outstanding example of love for humanity. Sadly, their reply to the second question might be that Jesus does not affect their life. They might take Him, or they might leave Him. But they are not committed to Him. That response is tragic!

If, however, your answer to the first question is: “He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!”, then your response to the second question will be that you fall on your face and worship Him. You pledge your total allegiance to Him! Let your life be absolutely and radically transformed by His presence and Holy Spirit.

The first time He came as a Lamb; He is coming again as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The first time He came to redeem; He is coming again to reign. He came the first time to die; He is coming again to raise the dead. The first time He came in poverty; the next time He is coming in power. The first time He wore a crown of thorns; the next time He will wear a crown of glory (Adrian Rogers).

Jesus is Savior and Lord! He took your place of punishment and died on Calvary’s cross to pay the price for your sin and rebellion. His body was broken and His blood was shed to purchase your healing, both spiritual (redemption) and physical. He deserves your complete surrender and allegiance.


This Sunday, September 25, we will continue our Fall teaching series, “We Believe!” with “The Lord Jesus Christ!” He is worthy of all praise and glory and honor. Please invite someone to join you at 10:35am in the building or online for the Live broadcast on either Facebook (Honolulu AG) or our YouTube channel (Honolulu Assembly of God). We Livestream every Sunday to both locations.

Coming Up for Women and Girls: The “Made with Aloha” lunch gathering to make gifts for the women’s Home of Hope on the Big Island is this Saturday, September 24, at 11:30am in the Fellowship Hall. Bring your aloha, creativity, something to add to the lunch table, and a friend. Also, plan to attend the Hawaii Assembly of God District Women’s Ministries “One Conference” held at Kalihi Union Church on October 24-25.

Aloha ke Akua!


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