Glorious Redemption!

Gordon MacDonald, pastor and author, tells this creative and powerful parable about Christ’s redemption.

Several management types were at the River Jordan as the crowds came to John the Baptist, and they decided they needed to get things organized. So they set up tables and begin to give tags to those coming for repentance. On the tag is written the person’s name and chief sin.

Bob walks up to the table. The organizers write his name on the tag and then ask, “What’s your most awful sin, Bob?”

“I stole some money from my boss.”

The person at the table takes a marker and writes in bold letters EMBEZZLER and slaps it on Bob’s chest.

The next person comes forward. “Name?”


“Mary, what is your most awful sin?”

“I gossiped about some people. It wasn’t very much, but I didn’t like those people.”

The organizers write, Mary – SLANDERER, and slap it on her.

A man walks up to the table. “Name?”


“George, what’s your most awful sin?”

“I’ve thought about how nice it would be to have my neighbor’s Corvette.”

George – COVETER.

Another man approaches the table. “What’s your name?” he is asked.


“What’s your sin?”

“I’ve had an affair.”

The organizer writes Gordon – ADULTERER and slaps the sticker on his chest.

Soon Christ comes to be baptized. He walks down the line of those waiting to be baptized and asks them for their sin tags. One by one, He takes those tags off the people and sticks them on His own body. He goes to John and, as He is baptized, the river washes away the ink from each name tag He bears.

What a beautiful picture – a river of red! The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from All sin (1 John 1:7).


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