Do you know which way is Up?

Mark Rader, pastor and author, shares the following true story.

Some years ago I read about a speedboat driver who had survived a racing accident. He said that he had been at near top speeds when his boat veered slightly and hit a wave at a dangerous angle. The combined force of his speed and the size and angle of the wave sent the boat spinning crazily into the air. He was thrown from his seat and propelled deeply into the water—so deep, in fact, that he had no idea which direction the surface was. He had to remain calm and wait for the buoyancy of his life vest to begin pulling him up. Once he discovered which way was up, he could swim for the surface.

Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by confusing options, too deeply immersed in our problems to know “which way is up.” When this happens, we too can remain calm, waiting for God’s gentle tug to pull us in the right direction. Our “life vest” may be Scripture, other Christians or some other leading from the Holy Spirit, but the key is recognizing our dependency upon God and trusting Him.

Problems – such as the Coronavirus pandemic, financial instability, political turmoil, family issues and other fears – are knocking people all around, leaving them turned in all kinds of directions, including upside down. When that happens, we might not know which way is up.

Something similar happened to me a number of years ago when I didn’t know which way to turn. I needed direction and felt the Lord had forgotten me. I had a vision of being on a lifeboat and knew I desperately needed to paddle for land, but had no idea which direction to point the boat. It was a very stressful time!

The key is to take time out and wait on the Lord (Isaiah 40:31). When we take time to wait on Him, we soon find the right way we need to go. We can sense the “gentle tug” of the Holy Spirit, pointing us in the right direction.

How is the Lord leading you when you get stuck, wondering “which way is up”? Do you first turn to the Word of God? Do you have wise Christian friends who can give you good counsel? Please don’t go off stumbling blind in the wrong direction. Wait on the Lord and follow the gentle tug of His Holy Spirit that will lead you in the right direction.


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